9th Gala Concert June 3 2011(Friday) 7:30 pm
Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC), Theatre (100 Laurier St., Gatineau)
East meets west in a cultural fusion of the traditional and the contemporary featuring over 40 exceptional Asian-Canadian performers.

Presented by: the Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society and Canadian Museum of Civilization (5th year of partnership)

Mic Lomocso, Filipino singer


Mic Lomocso started singing as a toddler, and is proficient on a wide range of musical instruments, including the guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion. She is the lead singer for the local band, One Vision, and has performed at many venues across the National Capital Region. She is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Chemical Engineering program, and teaches music to local children. She is also the leader of the church-based group SFC (Singles for Christ) and, with Jhune, has performed at GK (Giving Care) fundraising events, which benefit the poor in the Philippines.
Mic Lomocso and Jhune Leonardo (Filipino Duo)
1.      “Isang Lahi” (One Race)
A song about equality — no matter what our differences may be, we are all one and should love one another.
2.      “Dakilang Lahi” (Noble Race)
A song about loving one’s country — in this case, the Philippines — and how each person would give anything to protect it.
3.      “The Prayer”
This timely song, performed in English, is from the 1999 movie Quest For Camelot.

Photo: Edwin Lee Design

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