7th Gala Concert, Sunday, May 31, 2009 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Theatre

Nine artist groups from the Pan-Asian spectrum

Featuring Julliard School pianist Dr. Shoshana Telner, mezzo-soprano Julie Nesrallah, fusion instrumentalist Mel M'rabet, modern dancer Jeffrey Chan of Toronto, jazz-pianist Peter Hum, Oto-Wa Taiko drummers and colorful Indonesian dancers and music ensemble, ever popular Himig Pilipino Choral ensemble and dynamic Turquoise Folk Dance of Ottawa


Jeffrey Chan, Dancer and Choreographer

The Storyteller was created in July 2005 as part of the Toronto Harbourfront series, Dim Sum Festival: A tribute to Madam Dai Ailien. Madame Dai was a pioneer of modern dnce in China. Combining traditional Hubei Daigu street-singing with different regional steps from Han folkdance, this piece portrays the character of a traditional storyteller. In old china, storytellers were cultural educators for illiterate villagers.

Photo: Edwin Lee Designs

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