Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians
May 6 2010(Thursday) 7:00 am · Parliamentary Restaurant
Admission: INVITATION ONLY · Sponsored by RBC
Honorary Patron Senator Vivienne Poy (PhD) hosts a breakfast panel for a diverse group of high school students to network with Parliamentarians and community leaders, and to learn about leadership and cultural fluency in Canada's multicultural reality.


A joint initiative of the Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society  and the J'Nikira Dinqinesh Education Centre.

Honorary Patron Senator Vivienne Poy and Panelists 2010

We are grateful to RBC, our sponsor, for its continuous financial support. Without it, we would not be able to bring this educational event every year. We are also very grateful to Senator Poy's office for hosting and organizing it.Without it, many students would not have the opportunity to be inspired by outstanding leaders and speakers. Through Era 21, high school students are inspired to become world leader and global visionary!

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