7th Gala Concert, Sunday, May 31, 2009 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Theatre

Nine artist groups from the Pan-Asian spectrum

Featuring Julliard School pianist Dr. Shoshana Telner, mezzo-soprano Julie Nesrallah, fusion instrumentalist Mel M'rabet, modern dancer Jeffrey Chan of Toronto, jazz-pianist Peter Hum, Oto-Wa Taiko drummers and colorful Indonesian dancers and music ensemble, ever popular Himig Pilipino Choral ensemble and dynamic Turquoise Folk Dance of Ottawa



Just letting you know, rather belatedly, how much I enjoyed the marvelous
AHMS Gala this year.  It's always a wonderful event, much looked forward
to, and much savoured afterwards. 

I thought this year's was the best one yet, and was so glad I got back
from Stratford that same afternoon in time to enjoy the Gala in the
evening!  The Museum of Civilization Auditorium is definitely the most
comfortable and elegant venue for it, and the ten performances were each
absolutely outstanding. 

I loved Jeffery Chan's exquisite dance interpretations of ancient Chinese
music and melodies, and was glad to see him on the program twice!  Julie
Nesrallah has become one of my favourites because of her work on CBC2, so
it was exciting and very satisfying to hear her wonderful mezzo-soprano
voice in concert.  She more than lived up to every expectation; really
marvelous.  And then the piano artists -- first Peter Hum, with his moving
and beautiful jazz pieces, accompanied by the gifted young saxophonist
Nathan Cepelinski (I believe he went to a local Kanata high school not so
many years ago).......followed by the superb concert pianist Shoshana
Telner.  These artists were all highlights for me.

Of course the Filipino choir was lovely, with romantic singing, well
explained. The dance groups from Indonesia & Turkey were sensational, as
well as the opening Middle Eastern music group, and the evening ended
(literally!) with a bang as the Ota-wa Taiko group performed once again.

And I've just noticed, Monica, that you are the designer of the artistic
program cover -- bravo for that, and for all your hard work:  truly a job
well done!

Congratulations to you and all the AHMS members who have gifted Ottawa
with this splendid annual event.

With warmest regards,

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